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List of TOP Web 2.0 sites to RANK Faster in 2017




“Starting a Blog” and “To Rank It” are just two things that come up to be the biggest hurdles when starting your career as a blogger.There are many of us who write great content but still doesn’t make it up to the top page of search engines.Even they have made Large number of backlinks but still they see no improvement in their rankings.Moreover,the biggest mistake that we make in the starting is that we put no attention to keyword research before starting writing and we end up choosing a High competition keyword that has many authority sites ranking over it.These authority sites have a great backlink background and you Can’t leave them behind using only backlinking strategies such as:

  • Directory submission
  • Forums
  • Making comment backlinks(most of them are “nofollow”) etc.

web 2.0 calc sites

Rather,you need some Quality links,as Quality always prevails over  Quantity. To build qualitative and high authority backlinks,most of the big players use Private Blog Networks or PBNs which provide them these links and they have to pay them in return for it.But the question is “Do high competition  keywords rank only with PBN links????”

Most of the newbies working our there can’t afford the prices of these PBNs and as a result they quit working after few months in frustration.But what if tell you that you can easily outrank those competitors without using PBNs!!!!

Yes! You heard it right.

Here,we are talking about the “WEB 2.0 Sites”.

That’s where web 2.0 comes into play.The biggest advantage of web 2.0 sites over the Costly PBNs is that they are totally free of cost.

[h]What Are Web 2.0 sites?[/h]

According to Techlopedia , web 2.0 is the name used to describe the second generation of the world wide web,when it move dstatic HTML pages to a more interactive and dynamic web experience.or,we can say that web 2.0 are the dynamic websites that serve user data and are mostly based upon the generated user data.They provide a sort of social website experience to the users.In a Nutshell, these type of websites provide a social sharing of the user data between users across the world.

[h]What others say?[/h]

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List of Top web 2.0 Sites

Top WEB 2.0 Sites in one list where you can use it for your free site promotion or can build new contents like blogs to communicate with others users.

[h]Features Of Web 2.0 Sites:[/h]

The main features of web 2.0 sites usually are:

  • High Domain Authority of 90
  • High PR Root Domains
  • No Penalties(you can spam it to the core!)
  • High Trust Flow and Citation Flow

I am providing here a list of the Top web 2.0 sites that you can use to build quality links.You can choose your Niche  relevant sites from the list and start building quality links.I have sorted this list by the pagerank factor so that it becomes easier to you to choose the best as per your need.

As a Bonus,Read The Best web 2.0 link building guide by Himanshu Gupta

[h]TOP 10 WEB 2.0 SITES LIST:[/h]

[h]web 2.0 sites sorted by pagerank from 5 to 9[/h]

Page Rank 5
Page Rank 6
Page Rank 7
Page Rank 8
Page Rank 9

Moreover,these pages can easily be published on Authority sites of Your choice, and there is no fee.So,Register as many as you can,build as many links as you like,rank quickly and easily. 

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You can use these web 2.0’s for affiliate seo,client seo  for your Niche sites.

[h]HOW TO USE WEB 2.0 TO RANK:[/h]

You can these web 2.0 sites to create a page and then make links from this page to your money site so that it passes the link juice and its Authority to your money site.

After creating a web 2.0 on blogger as an example,you’ll have a link that may look like:


This is the page that you can now build links to and attempt to rank.so,now you can proceed to rank faster than your competitors and with “spammier” links.

[h]Final Words:[/h]

So,this was the list of the Topmost updated web 2.o sites in 2017 which you can use to make backlinks to your sites.I hope i have listed them all.

If you feel I have left something important,feel free to let me know via comments.I shall make it to the list with credits.

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And at last !! Please DO share 😊😊


freedom apk latest version download

[h]Download Freedom APK[/h]

Freedom apk is an android app that is developed to Bypass all the In-app purchases in any Android smartphone i.e. It can unlock all the premium features of any app without getting them purchased.you don’t need to purchase anything to enjoy the premium features of an android app if you are using Freedom app.You can buy any game/app’s coins, lives, cars, weapons etc.The best thing about Freedom apk is that it is available totally free of cost.you can use it to unlock any premium content of any Android app.. The freedom apk is still not available in all the app store like google play store and other sources as it violates the guidelines issued by these app stores still we will provide you the direct download links for freedom apk download.So, Be with us and keep on reading the post!!

[h]About Freedom APK:[/h]

Most of the users who use smartphones and are fond of gaming, always think of unlocking the premium features of the apps they use but they get stuck on the point when it comes to paying money for it as it requires an international credit card and many users don’t have it most of the times and then it becomes a way too difficult for them to carry out the process.But Don’t worry guys, every problem has a solution and there is a solution to this problem also.That solution is the “FREEDOM APK” that lets you purchase everything in the apps without a valid international credit/debit card.The Latest Freedom Apk uses fake credit card numbers & CVVs to pay for the purchases.But in actual, nothing is paid, it just makes the purchase server realize that the purchases have been made and unlocks all the premium feature.Freedom Apk latest version is also available to download.You can download all the versions of freedom app for all the available devices easily using the given below download links.


[h]Features: Freedom apk Direct Download[/h]

There are many features of this App.You can have a look on some of them below:

Latest VersionFreedom 1.7.4
Updated OnJune 14,2017
APK size1.9 MB
Android version requiredAndroid 2.0.3 and up
Root permissionsYES
Available on Google Play?NO
Main purposeHack Inapp Purchases
Software CategoryTools
OTA Updates ProvidedYES
Minimum memory required 512MB RAM
100MB Internal Memory

The First thing that you require to use Freedom apk is an Android OS running device.Moreover, the device/smartphone must be rooted as the Freedom apk supports only on Rooted devices.Many features of this app aren’t supported on non-rooted devices.

The latest version available for this app is fully compatible with Android Lollipop & Marshmallow devices.The previous version was crashing on most of the latest devices.A Lot of new improvements have been made in the
latest Freedom app version.

This app can be used for:

  • Use In¬App Purchase for Free in Apps & Games.
  • Working With most of the apps easily.
  • Enjoy Unlimited Coins & Gems or Bullets from Games.
  • Unlock all level from any Game easily.
  • Unlock Full Version of apps easily.


[h]Install latest Freedom App (step by step tutorial)[/h]

Below given are the steps to download & install latest Freedom apk on Android.you can follow these steps to download & install freedom apk for rooted and non-rooted phones.

STEP 1. Once you have rooted your device, you are ready to install Freedom APK. So as the first step root your Android device and then Download Freedom App From Below Link & transfer the file to your Android device from your PC.


freedom apk latest

STEP 2. Now, navigate to the Settings of your phone and allow Installation from unknown sources in the Security section. Your phone doesn’t allow to install apps from unknown sources by default.

freedom apk latest

STEP 3. Open the file. This might show you a warning message, ask for root access etc. Tap OK for all of these.Freedom will be installed in your device.

download freedom app

STEP 4. Now it will show you all the installed applications on your Android Device.

STEP 5. Next, Select the Application for which you want to Hack the In-app Purchases or Unlock the Premium Content.

freedom app for android

STEP 6. Next, Go to the App settings for the item which you want to buy and click  “purchase”.

VIOLA!! You just unlocked all the premium features of the freedom app without even paying a single penny.

Similarly, you can try to unlock all the premium features of any app/game easily such as highway runner, asphalt, minion rush, highway hill etc.


[h]Video Tutorial To Install Freedom APK For Rooted Phones[/h]


You can follow this video tutorial also to carry out the process mentioned in the above steps.


[h]Prerequisites for Installing Freedom apk[/h]


There are a few conditions that must be checked before installing the freedom app on Android.You can treat it as a checklist to install freedom on the lollipop or any Android device.

  • Android version must be above v2.0.3(android gingerbread)
  • The device/smartphone must be rooted.
  • The device must have supersu installed in it.
  • Download the latest version of freedom app to ensure that there’re no compatibility issues.


[h]Permissions Required By latest Freedom APP[/h]

Internet Access RequiredYES
Modify System SettingsYES
Kill Background TasksYES
Get AccountsYES
Write External StorageYES
Read Phone StateYES
Reboot DeviceYES
Install, Force Stop PackagesYES

[h]SOLVED: Fix Play Store Not Working After Install Freedom Apk[/h]

If you face any issues with the working of Google Play Store after installing freedom apk in your device, then, simply follow the below-mentioned guide to get rid of the problem:

  • Go to SETTINGS>APPS>DOWNLOADED>FREEDOM & force stop the app.
  • Clear the data of the freedom app by clicking on “Clear Data”.
  • Go to “Google Play Store” and force stop it also.
  • Clear the data of play store also.

Now, open the app.It should work fine now. OR You can follow the below steps if the above guide didn’t work for you:

  • Open Freedom app from your Phone, and then Click Menu
    button – hit Stop button and now try to open Play Store, It
    should work.

[h]Freedom App FAQs[/h]

1.Does freedom apk work on non-rooted Android phones?

No, the Freedom apk does not work on Non-Rooted phones as it requires some administrator permissions to work as described above.But it doesn’t require so much technical info to root your phone as thre are many articles present on the internet to root a variety of smart phones.You can try anyone that goes well with your phone.

2. Are there any alternative apps like Freedom?

Yes, there are many apps similar to freedom apk that works almost exact as that of the freedom apk.for e.g- Lucky patcher, Xmodgames, Cheat engine etc. But the main difference that makes freedom apk stand apart from these apps is that freedom apk supports greater variety of apps as compared to the other apps.

3. Does Freedom apk harm our phones?

NO, the freedom apk doesn’t harm your device in any way.It is just a simple app as others.Only the way it differs is the permission required for its operation.

4. What are the permissions required to freedom to work?

Permissions required by the freedom app are as under:

  • Internet access
  • Modify system settings
  • Terminate background tasks
  • Reboot device

5. Is Freedom App available free of cost?

Yes it is available totally free of cost.you can download it from the links given in this post.

6. What is the latest version of Freedom App?

The latest version of freedom apk is v2.0.6 , also there are many beta versions out there.

7. Direct freedom apk download website or sources??

Obviously, you can download freedom apk latest version using the links mentioned in the post or get the latest version here.


[h]Alternatives to Freedom APK[/h]

There are many apps available in the market that work the same as the freedom app.These apps are also totally free of cost and easily available.you can try those also.There are many but some of them are listed as under:


  • Lucky Patcher
  • Creehack (Works on non-rooted devices too).
  • AppSara
  • Leo Play Card


[h]Few Words From The Author on Freedom Apk[/h]

So, guys, this post was All about downloading & installing freedom app across all Android devices.I tried to help all my buddies who were searching for queries like how to install freedom app on Android, freedom app apk, freedom apk here, freedom apk direct download, freedom apk root, freedom hack app, freedom apk latest version etc over the internet.Many of you would be thinking that how does this app work without paying anything??let me clear your doubt!

Guys, this app uses fake virtual credit & debit cards to make purchases.so that’s the way it works.

If you guys have any doubt or query regarding the topic, you can ask in the comment box or shoot me a mail using the contact form.

Moreover, Please share this guide to help your friends know about this great app.

Thanks for Reading! Have A Great Day Ahead!


HTML and CSS by Jon Duckett : Best Book For Beginners

best html and css for beginners

Do you want to learn HTML and CSS without going to any training institute and spending thousands of bucks just for the sake of a professional certificate that can fetch you a job easily??? Moreover, the training institutes these days teach you nothing and just scrape your hard earned money.

best book to learn html and css for beginners

[h]HTML and CSS By Jon Duckett:[/h]

In 2015, I was also searching for some online resources to learn HTML and CSS as I had my keen interest in web development. I tried every possible resource from W3schools to all pdf material online but nothing worked. Just One Day, I was searching for the Best Books to learn HTML and CSS for beginners the easiest possible way and I came across this Book.

[h]Why I call it the best book to learn HTML:[/h]

The Name of the Book is “HTML and CSS by Jon Duckett”.This Book is a boon for all those who want to learn HTML and CSS from scratch to advance level. This Book has all the features that make it stand out from the crowd and turn it into a live mentor. Not Like other Books in the Market arena, This Book Fulfills the Quote that the title of the book governs- “Design and Build Websites”.

[h]How It Turns Out To Be the Best Book To Learn HTML and CSS for Beginners:[/h]

The Best Features that I Liked most about this book are:

  • It provides Fully Colored Edition to all the basics Of HTML and CSS.
  • This Book is designed on a New Approach that treats you as its student and performs as a live Master.
  • You are provided with a vivid picture of how the code looks and how it performs when it is run.
  • All the things are shown in a fully colored manner that creates more interest and user-friendliness while reading.
  • This Book its purpose tag by tag and by providing a clear visual reference.
  • This book introduces HTML and CSS in such a way that makes them accessible to everyone.
  • Utilizes information graphics and lifestyle photography to explain the topics in a simple way that is engaging

This Book was initially launched in 2011 with a vision to provide a unique learning platform by presenting everything in a great visual manner in the form of High-Quality photos and graphics that make the content more readable and vivid.

If you are an experienced programmer or developer, still this book will help you come across many facts that most of the people are of about HTML 5 and CSS 3.

If I were to mention any shortcoming of the book, I would say that the book lacks in-depth detail needed to understand more complex layouts. But to be fair, it is a bit beyond the purpose of this book.

Baseline, if you are truly dedicated to learning and aspire to be a great front-end developer by learning HTML and CSS from scratch to a whole new level. Then, this book is indispensable for you.


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